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I have one valve that is not turning on when I activate it through my timer.

More often than not, this issue points to a bad solenoid. If a bad solenoid is the problem, we would replace the solenoid ($19-$35 depending on the brand plus service charge) and that should correct the issue. Other issues could be that the valve is not wired correctly, the wire has been disconnected, or the wire inside the sheath has gone bad. If you have no extra wires available, we are able to run extra wire from your timer to your valve box.

Average total cost: $105

I have a rotor head that has stopped rotating.

The clutch inside the rotor has gone bad, therefore, we would simply replace the rotor to resolve this issue.

Average total cost: $107

I have a valve that won’t shut off even when I unplug the timer.

There is either debris in your valve that needs to be flushed out or an internal part of the valve is broken. If your valve is a newer model, we will pull it apart and flush the water out. If this does not work, we will replace the entire valve. Until a service tech is able to come out and repair the problem we suggest shutting your water off to your sprinkler system.

Average total cost: $115

I have heads that are constantly leaking water.

Typically, this issue is not actually caused by the sprinkler heads. If your valve has a small leak, the valve is releasing a small amount of water which leaks out of the lowest heads. To check and see if the problem is coming from your valve you can look at your water meter. First, verify that there is no other water currently running (dishwasher, faucet, washing machine etc.). Next, you will look for the small (most often red in color) dial either moving or not moving. If there is a leak coming from the valve, the dial will move. However, if the dial is not moving at all the issue may come from the drainage of the system. If your yard is on a hill, water will drain out of the lowest heads. We suggest adding new heads that have a built in check valve, or buying a separate check valve to add under each head that is affected. Generally these check valves will will hold back approximately 5 psi or less.

Average total cost: $115

My system was started in the spring and now that it’s summer my lawn is drying out.

This problem is very common. Your system needs adjustments based on weather. You will have a healthier lawn and use less water if you change the frequency and also the run time per zone. For a healthy lawn we suggest running your system every other day if the temperature is in the 70’s, and watering every day if it is above 85 degrees. Other factors involved in deciding how often and how long to run your system include how shaded your lawn is. Once your lawn is saturated (squishy when walked on), there is no need to water any longer for that zone as the soil cannot absorb any more water. For a hassle free system, ask us about installing a Climate Logic by Irritrol. This device will adjust your run times based on rain, freeze, solar radiation (sunny or cloudy), and temperature. We also offer service packages that will ensure you don’t have the hassle of messing with your system.

I am tired of having to remember to call when I need my system serviced.

We offer three service packages to make your life easier! These packages are pre-paid and take the stress out of your life!

I have low pressure in one zone.

If all of your zones are running strong and you have a zone that is weak, here are some steps to help solve this issue. First, see if the low pressure zone has the same amount of heads on it (and same type of heads). Sometimes, people will add more heads on one zone and this leads to a low pressure zone. If the weak zone has the same amount of heads as all other zones, turn the zone on and check for breaks. A broken line or a sprinkler head is one of the most common issues for low pressure. This is usually easy to find because the area will start to flood. If there is no broken line or head, follow the path from the valves to the first head. Tree roots can pinch the line, resulting in low pressure. If non of these answers helps you figure out your issue, please call and schedule a technician to help solve this issue. 509-701-2598

How do I schedule a service?

We make servicing your sprinkler system a breeze! All you need to do is call our office at 509-701-2598, and our extremely friendly office staff will take your information, schedule the work needed, and give you an exact day with a time window for when a service technician will be at your property.

Should I hire an unlicensed contractor to work on my sprinklers?

Short answer is no. In the state of Washington, any contractors must have either a specialty contractors license to preform one trade, or a general contractors license which means they can preform more than one trade with exceptions. To obtain a contractors license you must be bonded ($6K for specialty and $12k for general) and insured before you can obtain your contractors license. As we all know, contractors don’t always have the best reputation so do your research and always make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured.

What brands do you service?

We service all brands available in this market. We install products from Toro and Irritrol but will service all brands such as Hunter, K-Rain, Orbit, Rainbird, Nelson, and the lesser known brands.

I am thinking about buying a house that has a current sprinkler system and my home inspector doesn’t inspect the sprinkler system. What should I do?

We offer sprinkler system inspections for the peace of mind of knowing you don’t need to dump a bunch of money into it once you buy the house. If the system is not in good condition, we will give a bid on fixing the current system or to install a new system.

Average cost: $79.95

When should I winterize my sprinkler system?

We start scheduling our sprinkler blow outs at the end of September and start winterizing the systems at the beginning of October through the middle of November. We always recommend getting your system winterized the first half of October. We do not guarantee our blow outs in November due to the possible freezing temperatures.

Average cost: $59.95 (up to 8 zones/ $3 per zone after 8)

What time should I start my sprinklers?

We recommend running your system in the early morning. Depending on how long your system runs, we generally want the system to be off by mid morning (before it is too hot). For example, if your system runs for 5 hours, we recommend starting your system at 4:00 am so the system is off by 9:00 am. If you have a large system that runs for a total of 12 hours, start your system at 10:00 pm so it is off by 10:00 am. The reason for not running the system during the heat of the day is that too much water will evaporate before it is absorbed into the sod.

How do I pay my bill?

We accept all major credit card, checks, and cash. For credit card payments, you can call the office and give your number over the phone or pay directly through the invoice emailed to you. Our service technicians have the capability of running your credit card on site after the work is completed. The technician can also take cash or a check. Please note that our technicians do not keep change for cash payments.

My son or daughter is looking for a summer job. Do you hire summertime help?

We are always looking for additional help in the summer months. Our season starts in March and ends around the beginning of December for those interested in a full time position.

What positions are you currently hiring?

We are always hiring! Because of our rapid growth, we are expanding most positions at our company. These are the positions we are hiring for. Please apply by clicking our careers tab at the top right of this page.

-Office Assistant (0)

-Service Technician (1)

-Installation Foreman (1)

-Installation Crew Member (2)

Do you offer financing?

Yes we do! We make this process extremely easy. Please go to our homepage and at the bottom of our page there is a link to get immediate approval from up to 5 lenders. Whether it’s for a $500 job or a $15,000 job, this process makes purchasing our services easy!

What are WiFi timers/ controllers?

WiFi timers are timers that have a WiFi signal to your phone. Through your phone, you can run the system, turn the system off, and program the system. This means when you are on the other side of the world, you can turn your system on or off, program it, or simply activate an individual zone when needed. The newest generation of WiFi timers can be manually activated through the timer itself or through your phone. We are certified Rachio Pros which means that we have taken the courses and earned the certification to learn more about how the timer works which leads to a better warranty when we install it! Call today to schedule a replacement!